The world of banking is changing dramatically, due very significantly to the drive to digital. This digital revolution is changing the distribution landscape in many industries – customers can now book flights on-line without going to a travel agent; order meals and food on-line without visiting a store; download music making record shops unnecessary and in retail banking it enable customers to do their banking remotely without ever needing to visit a branch.

This programme will share what digital actually is and how it can be harnessed by a bank for improved results and customer insights and experience.

Areas of Focus

Key Innovators
The programme will share details of leading innovators such as Fidor, Simple, BBVA, Moven, mBank, ATOM and others on how they are creating a new form of bank that customers find attractive, and share learnings from the mega trends sweeping the sector.

Breaking the Rules
New competitors in many industries are changing the rules forever. Uber has no vehicles; Airbnb no properties; Amazon no bookshelves; Alibaba no inventory. What rules can be broken in your market?

Adapting to Change
The programme will show how to compete and survive successfully, how to adapt and respond to these tides of change, and equip you to make a difference in your own bank when you return.