Differentiation through service delivery is key to success in many business sectors these days. Customers are increasingly demanding in a world where they can make purchases without ever visiting the seller face to face.

Customers buy holidays without visiting a travel agent, music without going to a record shop, food without visiting the supermarket – the list is endless. If customers are to be persuaded to visit a 'store', there needs to be something to make the trip worthwhile. The 'experience' needs to add value. This maybe the attractive location, the easy purchase process, the ability to test, touch or trial the products or simply the staff who create the interaction.

Areas of Focus

The purchase process
The 'drive to digital' is impacting on the purchase process in all sectors, and in particular on the relationship between customers and those delivering service to them. There is renewed focus focus on the quality of the employees, the required skills and behaviours, and greater clarity over recruitment and training processes by businesses. We will analyse behaviours, skill requirements, recruitment, training, role clarity, culture and performance measurement.

The customer experience
Customers increasingly prefer not to be 'sold to' but rather to be allowed to 'buy' products and services. Whether dealing digitally or face to face the 'experience' is where differentiation is achieved. Finding the right people to represent the company's brand has never been more important.

Best practice
This programme will share thinking and approaches from leading players in different sectors showing the challenges and successes enabling attendees to implement innovative ideas upon their return to the workplace