Customer experience is becoming an increasingly important differentiator for banks in a very competitive marketplace.

This outstanding programme draws upon the experience of leading retailers and banks from around the globe to ensure attendees leave with innovative and practical ideas that can make a huge difference to the sustainable performance of their bank.

Areas of Focus

Both traditional branch networks and the 'drive to digital' challenge.

Front line processes
These have to become more customer friendly

Products and services
Learning from non-banks just how to create a world where customers actually want to buy a bank's products

Including the enormous influence of social media

The key ingredient in delivering experiences that will mean customers actively advocate the bank brand

During the programme we will explore the required customer journey for experience excellence and investigate how customer experience can be measured and rewarded. There will be key take-aways, to help with transforming your own customer experience after the event.

Programmes usually last two or three days and some will include the unique “customer experience store tour”.