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Founded by John Berry

Customer Buyology was founded by John Berry in response to a clear need from banks to change their culture, marketing, distribution, customer experience delivery, products, processes, recruitment, training and premises in a fast-changing world where technology is dramatically reshaping the banking landscape.

John leads a team of transformational experts with extensive sector specific experience. Projects in markets as diverse as Europe, Australia, Middle East, Asia and Africa provide examples of how their knowledge and abilities have made a real difference to performance.

Internationally recognised

John has experience of managing a major retail bank and is a leading expert in business transformation and the need to anticipate future trends which will impact on delivering successful retail banking performance. He has successfully published work on front line retail banking performance as well as achieving international recognition for delivering innovation in distribution and marketing.

He is in demand as a speaker and trainer on banking innovation, and emerging trends such as digital banking, cultural change, the future role of today’s branch networks, customer experience delivery and measurement, as well as process change, staff empowerment and the impact of social media. John is also a senior advisor to Efma (efma.com) a business owned by over 3,000 banks where members are able to share innovations, insights and best practice – an excellent source of key reports and knowledge