Areas of Focus

Impact of the drive to digital
The pace of change due to digitisation is remarkable. What impact will this trend have on existing distribution structures and costs? How can you maximise sales without a dramatic rise in costs?

Future role of branches
Branches are expensive. How can you increase profitability / manage costs better at a local level? What can be learnt from other retail banks globally tackling the same issues?

Customer centricity
Customers are more demanding> They have more choice and see banks as being very similar. How do you differentiate the experience you offer and use the insights / data you have for improved performance

Increased competition
Competition is not just from banks. Retailers and mobile operators are just some of the new players offering financial services to bank customers. How should you respond to retain and grow your market share?

Payment disruption
The number of new entrants into this market globally is significant, impacting on revenue streams and customer retention. What are the strategic alternatives to consider?

Simplifying customer engagement
Customers view banks as difficult and cumbersome to deal with. Within the regulatory regime there are ways of making it easier for customers to do business with you, so what actions are required to change this perception?

Revenue / margin / cost management / maximisation
Where do you focus for future success?

Brand differentiation
Bank products have become commoditised. How do you differentiate from the competition and learn lessons from other industry sectors?

Future of marketing
Traditional approaches don’t work in an increasingly digitised world. Marketing needs to be accountable for its spend, so what needs to change and why?